Change is a Part of Life

Divorce, child support and custody arrangements are rarely final. The lives of both you and your ex-spouse will continue to change throughout the years, and it may be necessary to modify your previously agreed upon terms and conditions. At the Law Office of Lydia J. Sartain, we help you make those adjustments smoothly and efficiently, so you can continue living your life. We’re here for you no matter where life takes you next.


We have extensive experience in helping clients make modifications to their child support and custody agreements. There are various reasons that custody, financial support or visitation modifications may be needed including:

  • Loss of job or decrease in income
  • Increase in income
  • New expenses for the child​
  • New family responsibilities for the parent​
  • Relocation
  • Criminal issues

While child support is modifiable downward or upward, alimony is typically only modified downward or terminated because the marital partnership on which an alimony award is based ceases upon divorce.


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